Nevada Annual Report / Nevada Annual List Filing Information
AKA "Annual List Of Trustees And Registered Agent"

All Nevada Corporations and Limited Liability Companies (LLCs) are required by the Nevada Secretary of State to file an "Initial List Report." These reports are required, by law, to be submitted at the end of the month following the month that the company was formed. Reports are subsquently required to be filed annual on the anniversary date of the company.

* plus applicable state filing fees:
Limited Liability Company Initial List $125; Annual List $125

Don't miss the filing deadline for your Limited Liability Company!
By Nevada state law (Nevada Revised Statutes Section 78.150; NRS 78.150) all Nevada Corporations and LLCs are required to file an "Annual List" at the end of the month following the month that your business entity was formed. Then, every year on the anniversary date of your formation a new Annual List must be filed.

Late Fee: If the Annual List for your Limited Liability Company is not in the care, custody and control of the Nevada Secretary of State by the close of business on the due date, a late fee of $75.00 must accompany the filing. NVAnnualReport.com will add this late fee to your order if the current date is past the due date. You will be notified of this charge prior to approving your credit card charge.

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